Experienced Dry Needling Physical Therapist
Divya Narayanan

Experienced Physical Therapist offering Dry Needling and Laser Therapy

  • Independent Doctor of Physical Therapy with over 20 years of experience
  • Bachelor of Science Degree and Physical Therapy from the University of Findlay
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy from the Univeristy of St Augustine-Capstone Paper on Trigger Point Dry Needling
  • One of the first Physical Therapist in Indianapolis to recieve my certification in Dry Needling in 2008 with Kinetacore in Colorado.
  • Mckenzie Certification on Spinal Treatment
  • Women’s Health (Prenatal/Postpartum and Incontinence)
  • Graston Certified
  • Kinesio Taping

It has been amazing to see the immediate changes I can elicit with such a small treatment tool.  It has taken me several years to perfect my skills and have been able to successfully alleviate severe pain in a range of patients from athletes to elderly patients with chronic pain.

I am an autonomous practitioner that strives to promote the optimal health, wellness, and restoration of function in the minimal amount of visits needed.

I possess the skills necessary to evaluate and treat patients with the cutting edge treatments using evidence-based techniques for individualized care.

My patients have excellent outcomes allowing them to return to the activities they love.

Treating Ailments Daily due to:

Head – headaches/migraines –  TMJ
Neck – whiplash – arthritis – disc herniation – osteoarthritis – thoracic outlet syndrome – fibromyalgia – Radiating pain – posture dysfunction
Shoulder – tendinitis/bursitis – frozen shoulder – impingement syndrome – dislocation/instability – partial/total replacement – clavicle fractures – rotator cuff problems
Elbow – Contractures due to post-fracture-injury – ligament tears – bursitis
– golfers/tennis elbow – throwers elbow
Hand – carpal tunnel syndrome  – arthritis
Lower Back – Spine – disc injuries – arthritis -sprains/strains – sciatica/lumbago – scoliosis- radiating pain
Hip – bursitis/tendinitis – Piriformis Syndrome– SI joint dysfunctions – Decreased hip mobility
Knee – arthritis/osteoarthritis – knee cap disorders (PFS, etc.)  – contractures after surgery – patellar tendinitis – jumper’s knee – iliotibial band syndrome – runner’s knee
Ankle/Foot – plantar fasciitis – Achilles tendonitis – peripheral neuropathy – heel spur pain – sprain/strain – neuroma -Sprain/Strain
*** Post surgical/ Acute injury Swelling
*** Chronic Muscle Spasms

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