What is Trigger Point Dry Needling?

dry needling

Trigger point dry needling involves multiple advances of a thin filament needle into a “trigger point” to stimulate the healing process of soft tissues relieving muscle tension and pain. It is a very effective treatment musculoskeletal dysfunction with very limited side effects. It is called “dry needling” because the needles have no medication.

It is performed by a skilled Physical therapists with advanced training and special certification. Using a thin, solid filament needle to penetrate the skin, the goal is to create a local twitch response (LTR) in the muscle to cause a spontaneous contraction and relaxation of muscle fibers.

This has been shown to normalize the mechanical, electrical and biochemical components of muscles with dysfunction. Dry needling is different than acupuncture, and is based on the Western neuroanatomy and modern techniques to treat the musculoskeletal system.

Does Trigger Point Dry Needling Hurt?

There is some mild to no discomfort with the needle insertion due to the very small diameter of the needle without a central hollow (not hypodermic). There may be a cramping, tingling or aching sensation with a local twitch response when the needle stimulates the muscle.

Is Trigger Point Dry Needling the same as Acupuncture?

Dry needling is NOT Acupuncture! Both do use the same tool, a thin filament needle, dry needling is based on western neuroanatomy and scientific study of the musculoskeletal system. The philosophy used in dry needling is based on modern medicine and not the theories of traditional Chinese medicine.

Who can benefit from Trigger Point Dry Needling?

A multitude of musculoskeletal dysfunctions including: Neck/Back pain, Headaches, Muscle Spasms, Hip/ Knee/ Foot pain (plantar fasciitis), “Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow”, Sciatica, Piriformis Syndrome, Sacroiliac Dysfunction, and other overuse injuries.

Is my therapist adequately trained?

Dry needling is NOT an entry level skill. Licensed physical therapists are required to complete several hours of training as well as testing to become certified. Your practitioner must be certified. Dr. Divya Narayanan is a certified Trigger Point Dry Needling practitioner, and one of the leading providers of Trigger Point Dry Needling in Carmel, Indiana and surrounding areas.

How do I prepare for the treatment?

Please make sure your medical practitioner is aware of all your current medications and pertinent medical history. Most importantly alert your practitioner if you are taking any blood thinners or have any active infection.

How do I schedule an appointment?

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